ANTI-SEIZE 797 Release Grade

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ANTI-SEIZE 797 Release Grade

Nickel Based Anti-Seize Paste

  • Copper-free
  • Excellent temperature range of -40 to +1000°C
  • Provides even torque and prevents galling and pick-up on assembly
  • Protects against wet conditions and chemical attack
  • Excellent anti-seize properties over extended periods at high temperatures
  • Nuclear grade
  • Coefficient of friction 0.086

Product information

ANTI-SEIZE 797 is a high temperature anti-seize paste containing nickel and graphite with controlled levels of chlorine and sulphur. Particularly suitable for nimonic and stainless steel fasteners in the aerospace, power generation and automotive industries. Designed for use as an assembly and anti-seize lubricant to prevent pick-up and seizure even in extreme environmental conditions.

ANTI-SEIZE 797 does not contain copper and exhibits extremely low sulphur and chlorine levels making it ideal for use on exotic alloys often found in the aerospace, nuclear, and other associated industries.