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Multi-purpose, extreme low temperature grease which meets the following specifications:

Approved for the Airbus A380 programme
Approved to JSD XG 287
DEF STAN 91-53/3 / NATO G-354
Rolls Royce Specification – R-R OMAT 401G
Airbus CML No. 03GBC1
NATO Stock No 9150 99 224-1793 (75g)
NATO Stock No 9150 99 350-6234 (4.5kg)
NATO Stock No 9150 99 224-1861 (12.5kg)
AIMS 09-06-002

  • Extreme low temperature aerospace grease
  • Temperature range -73 to +120°C
  • Exceptional stability
  • Highly resistant to water washout
  • Approved to: JSD XG 287 amongst many others

Product information

AEROSPEC 200 is an extreme low temperature aerospace grease. It is a lithium complex synthetic ester grease, designed to give outstanding operational performance on a wide range of airframe components including bearings, actuators, gears, bushes and sliding surfaces, even where high loads are encountered.