BIOGEN Rope Dressing

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BIOGEN® Rope Dressing

Biodegradable & VGP Compliant Wire Rope Lubricant

  • Offers an excellent wide temperature range of -50°C to +180°C
  • Biodegradability, minimal eco-toxicity and low bioaccumulation potential.
  • Offers excellent corrosion protection
  • Resistant to salt water
  • Low fling off
  • Highly resistant to water wash off
  • Thin, non-tacky film preventing the build up of dust and dirt
  • Highly penetrative ensuring penetration and protection of the core of the rope.
  • Prevents wear on rope strands

Product information

BIOGEN® Rope Dressing is a soft, black, high performance wire rope lubricant.

BIOGEN® Rope Dressing is Biodegradable and VGP Compliant.

Features Pseudo Plastic Rheology; It is a black gel, however, it is designed to transform into a fluid consistency under shear to aid penetration into the core of the rope. It will then return to a grease consistency when shear is removed ensuring that the lubricant resists dripping, fling and water wash off.

Demonstrates good corrosion protection, protecting ropes from their primary failure mode.

Outperform mineral oil lubricants with no compromise on the environment, operator safety or cable protection.