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Gas Leak Detection System in Aerosol Form

The most simple and effective method of finding leaks in gas pipelines.

  • Meets the requirements of BS EN14291:2004 (Foam producing solutions for leak detection on gas installations)
  • Suitable for use with most positive pressure gas systems
  • For use on pipework carrying natural gas and LPG
  • Safe for use with refrigerant gases
  • Non Corrosive
  • Low Chlorine content
  • 360 degree angle for use in difficult to reach areas

Product information

LEAK DETECTOR Spray is a specially formulated fluid designed specifically to identify even the smallest, positive pressure, gaseous leak on plastic and metallic pipework and fittings.

LEAK DETECTOR Spray leaves a thin uniform film of surface-active agents that accurately identify any leakage or bleeding of joints.

Why should you buy Leak Detector Spray from ROCOL?

Because this leak detection spray meets all the following requirements and is the industries best selling leak detection spray:

VOSA MOT Special Notice 1-2011 states that it is compulsory for MOT Test Stations to stock “A proprietary leak detection spray which meets BS EN 14291:2004 requirements”.

ROCOL LEAK DETECTOR Spray meets the requirements of BS EN14291:2004 (Foam producing solutions for leak detection on gas installations).

  1. Ideal for use on bottled gases including oxygen and acetylene.
  2. Meets the product specification given in IGE/UP/1B Edition 2.
  3. Meets the oxygen compatibility requirements of MIL-PRF-25567E.